5 Golden Era Restaurants & Stores in Mumbai

Old is gold and this statement holds true for Mumbai. Looking beyond the fast paced life in Mumbai, I bring some century old Shops and Restaurants to the notice of those visiting the city of Mumbai. Even Mumbaikars who are unaware will benefit from the information and enjoy some lovely time exploring the city.

South Mumbai’s Fort area is a host to several iconic places which still cherish the sense and taste of old Bombay. All of them have been featured on Television, newspapers, and blogs already.

Yazdani Restaurant

This is a Parsi Bakery that is known for its Irani Chai and Bun Maska. They also serve Brun Maska, which is the crispier form of Bun. One can also try Mava & Chocolate Cakes, Apple Pie and Biscuits. The Restaurant closes at 7:00 PM.

Brittania & Co. Restaurant

This is another Parsi Restaurant. It offers mouth-watering Berry Pulav in a colonial, vintage ambience. The Restaurant closes at 4:00 PM


Pancham Puriwala

They say that a young man from Uttar Pradesh came to Bombay and set up a Puri Bhaji stall. The taste of the Sabzi and Puri soon titillated the taste buds of Mumbaikars. Today, the stall has turned into a small Restaurant with a limited seating arrangement. This is a one storey, non-AC compact restaurant but the taste of the Puri Sabzi compensates everything. You can try the standard Puri Sabzi with Cholley and also order the Pancham Thali which serves all varieties of Puris along with different Sabzis and Chaas.


Philips Coffee & Tea

A 70 years old authentic Coffee & Tea shop offers Filter Coffee and Tea at wholesale prices. If you are a Coffee or Tea lover, it is a good idea to buy some for yourself or gift some to a friend. The price is lesser than the known brands available in the Market.

The Bombay Store

This beautiful shopping emporium was founded by Lokmanya Tilak & JRD Tata to promote Swadeshi art in 1906. Today, the Store is a glittering exhibition of Indian Arts and Crafts. The prices of articles sold are reasonable. Interestingly, many of the Arts & Crafts are brought from artists in Uttar Pradesh and therefore may be available cheaper in Northern India.



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