Siliserh – A hidden getaway

I wanted to write this blog ever since I visited Alwar with my friends a few years back. I had then visited the Sariska bird sanctuary and tiger reserve and chanced upon a little known lake in a place called Siliserh. It was then that I decided to come back planned.

Sometimes, what you are looking for is right next to you and you don’t take notice. This place is a classic weekend getaway only if you have the valuable information to meticulously plan your trip and experience the fun around.

Siliserh Lake
Siliserh Lake

So here is the information for every one’s benefit.

The roads are nice and wide. It is a fun drive for family and friends to quietly relax away from their routine lives for a day or two. What makes this a good excursion is the proximity to the city (170KM from Delhi/3 hours drive)
It is very important to pick a nice property for your stay to pamper yourself in the pool, enjoy delicious meals and do sightseeing as per your own convenience.

Recommended property – Hotel Alwar Bagh

Hotel Hotel

These small things play a significant role in your holiday mood. We followed the basics and the plan was well executed.

An early morning departure ensures that you reach the resort at the right time. If you leave late, be prepared to spend an hour more in the traffic. You may decide to take a nap or jump straight into the pool. The resort has open space to walk around and the lush green garden has fruits, vegetables and flowers.


  • In the evening you can visit the Siliserh Lake, (3KM) from the resort, enjoy boating for a while and munch some snacks before returning to your resort.Drive back home by noon after a peaceful night Helpful Info
  • The biggest plus point of the Siliserh fort (Hotel) is its proximity to the Siliserh Lake.
  • The Siliserh fort is placed strategically close to the Siliserh Lake to make use of the lake water.
  • It is currently maintained by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC).
  • It is recommended that you choose a different property for your stay as there are better ones available at short distance from the Lake.
  • Nominal charges for boating Rs. 25/35
  • The Siliserh fort has now started to charge Rs50 per head as cover charges for snacks and cold drinks.
  • The coffee is too sweet and the food is not great either. The safest option is cold drinks and cutlets.

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