Zipping in Neemrana

IMG_1187Neemrana fort – 120 KM from Delhi and 90 KM from Gurgaon is a quick getaway for the people of two cities. It takes just 1 to 1.5 hours to be there at the fort. Located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, the Neemrana fort is a great hangout place for a day. This fort like the other forts is also built on top of a hill and travellers have to carefully manoeuvre their vehicles through the narrow road to reach the hill top.

The charge to visit the fort is ₹ 500 on weekdays and ₹ 750 on weekends. If you thought you could pack your food and enjoy it inside the fort, be ready to be disappointed as outside food is not allowed. The food served inside the restaurant is delicious and comes with an extra charge.

The fort is a venue for wedding, conferences, film shoots and cultural events. There are amenities like accommodation, swimming pool with Spa, restaurant, camel ride etc; however the main activity is the zipping activity provided by flyingfoxasia.

If you are game for it, it is recommended to book online as it would benefit you in two ways.

  1. You get an online discount.
  2. You don’t pay the visiting charges to the fort

Most people are unaware about this and have to shell out an additional ₹ 750 as they go without planning on weekends. For some reason, if you do not wish to pre book, you can get a discount on zipping against your entry tickets.

Zipping looks like an activity for brave. This holds true only from some distance, actually, it is quite simple and fun. It starts with putting on the safety harness and climbing a short distance of approximately 700 meters on foot. Once at the top, the instructors will share important information which will help in maintaining the right posture while zipping between the ropes. There are four stops during this activity and your confidence increases with each passing halt. Your helmet has a camera to capture the surrounding while you perform the James Bond stunt. You can also opt for a recording of your group performing the activity in a pen drive for an extra charge.

One thing to keep in mind is the time factor. Undertaking the activity before seeing the complete fort may consume all the time and energy, so what I suggest is that you see the complete fort if it interests you and then do zipping.
It is time to head back, but do stop by for a tea in the evening on your drive back for a relaxing journey back home.

  • Entry charges (Mon-Fri) is Rs. 500/- (9 am – 3 pm)
  • Entry charges (Sat-Sun) is Rs. 750/- (12 noon – 3 pm) for visiting the public areas only for 2 hours.
  • Meal Charges:  Breakfast Rs. 500/-, Lunch Rs. 1100/ (Mon – Fri)
  • Saturday & Sunday buffet Lunch Rs. 1200/-
  • Approximate travelling charges of a petrol car inclusive of toll – ₹ 1000 from Gurgaon
  • Approximate travelling charges of a petrol car inclusive of toll – ₹ 1200 from Delhi
  • Charge for zipping – ₹ 1200 on week day & ₹ 1700 on weekend

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