Sector – 29, Leisure Valley, a place to Party

IMG_20160608_214521Sector 29, Leisure Valley in Gurgaon has emerged as a happening place to drink & dine. It is a great place to party. What differentiates Sector 29, Gurgaon is the abundance of restaurants, hotels, and pubs right at the centre. There are two big parking lots surrounded by loads of eating joints. You can choose to sit outside on the terrace of some of the pubs, enjoying the nice evening breeze or stay indoors and experience the wonderful ambience and classy interiors while munching food and sipping beer.

Sector 29 Market is located just 5 minutes away from the Huda City Centre metro station in Leisure Valley. You can hire an auto from the Metro station for not more than Rs.40


There is a plethora of restaurants here, be it Indian, Chinese, Korean, American fast food, Thai, Italian, there is something for every type of foodie. The many restaurants & pubs in a relatively smaller area give an amazing look to the place. This Market in Leisure Valley is a concentration of lights and liveliness at one place.

If you are a traveller looking for an accommodation, Sector 29 is a good choice as many 3 & 4 Star Hotels are located here. Some of the Hotels are:

The Sector 29 market is an excellent choice for travellers from other cities. Choose from any of the Hotels in the vicinity and you can have access to not only this amazing market but also the very grand Kingdom of Dreams in Sector 29, Leisure Valley. This is a very strategic location for any kind of food business.

What to check out when you are at Sector 29 market?

Well, too much of glitter can pose a difficulty in choosing the right kind of restaurant or your kind of restaurant. Here are a few suggestions based on my experience which could help you with a perfect evening.

“Desi people and no desi food” How can that be? A big Bikanerwala outlet welcomes you on the front side of the parking lot. Here you can try a variety of sweets on the ground floor & sit and dine on the floor above.

On the same lane is Pind Baluchi, which looks like a Punjabi village from inside. Their Mushroom Kurkure, Dahi Kabab, Tandoori Chicken are simply not to be missed. Drinks are available too. Dining plates and glasses are heavy brass and give you the feel of Punjab. Some part of it also resembles a cave. Park Balluchi, adjacent to it is known to host engagement functions.

21 Gun Salute is good place for corporate outing or a large gathering. The ambience overpowers the food though.

Beer Beer Beer!

Beer lovers, Sector 29, Leisure Valley is THE place for you. There are quite a few options for you. The best ones are Bronx & Downtownif you prefer the brewery beer. What is nice about these two places is that you can sit at the terrace, enjoy the weather and overlook the market. Downtown also has a virtual bowling game on the ground floor. The music played by the DJ is a mix of 90’s and contemporary pop and will make you nostalgic for they play your childhood numbers. Molecule is again a nice place to hang out. Hops n Brew has its own brewery but this is just an average place. Brix offers regular Beer but their Chicken wings in BBQ sauce are just awesome and the portion is large too.

Try Chinese at Mainland China, Korean at Gung The palace. American fast food lovers can try Wendy’s . Some more options are Boombox, Feel (Karoke Lounge), Mamagoto.

Helpful tips:

  • Stroll the Sector 29, Market to get the feel of the place.
  • Bikanerwala serves hot Kesar milk in earthen pots during winters. Do try.
  • Love Chicken? – Brix serves the best BBQ Chicken wings.
  • Bronx has the best Beer and music.
  • Ensure to lock your car as vehicles have been reported stolen from this area.
  • Street vendors sell mineral water bottles, ice creams, Pan etc.
  • Do make a point to see the Kingdom of Dreams. It looks beautiful at night.

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