Jhumroo, a musical comedy

IMG_20160513_190733This funny name is a funny play dedicated to the very funny & legendary Kishore Kumar. The Kingdom of dreams, Gurgaon is a popular hangout place, and a must visit for tourists visiting the city of Gurgaon. Kingdom of dreams is an incredible place and known for the following:

  1. Culture Gully
  2. Jhumroo, a musical comedy play
  3. Zangoora
  4. Abhimanyu

Well, they are coming up with more shows but for time being, let me focus on Jhumroo.


The show gets 100 marks on its stage set up, lasers, lights, machines, and other equipment. Some comic actors will make you laugh naturally whereas some will require you to make an effort. Frankly, I can deliver better funny punches any day. The plot of the musical comedy is just alright.

Here is a quick spoiler for you:- The  poor hero of the show “Bhola” is a terrible singer but a big fan of the music legend, “Kishore Kumar”. He madly loves Meena (our leading lady). Now, Meena doesn’t care much about Bhola until he decides to participate in  a musical reality show “Indian Idol”. He gets this confidence from the spirit of Kishore Da, who helps Bhola attract Meena’s attention and also brings an interesting end to show. The show has beautiful Kishore Kumar numbers which will definitely make every Bhola in the audience sing.

You will enjoy the artists coming on the stage with vibrant colours, sometimes flying in the sky on beautiful sets which are nothing less than extra ordinary.There is a short break in which audience can grab super expensive snacks and drinks. People in the front can also expect some rather embarrassing moments and be asked to sing or answer a few questions by the anchors of the show while being on the camera. At the end every one in the audience dances and sings before the exit from the hall. You also get to visit the Culture Gully using the same ticket, which otherwise is a paid affair.

If an economics student wants to understand the concept of price differentiation, just have a look at the seat map while booking tickets online.

Helpful tips

  • Advance booking is the key to a reasonably priced seat. Last moment seats will cost you dear.
  • The show plot remains the same but its usually a house full.
  • Parents and other elders can enjoy the Kishore Kumar melodies.
  • Photography and video recording is prohibited.
  • Its not a bad place to date either.



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