Stress Buster Hangouts – Delhi

Life in a fast moving metro city like Delhi ensures that her inhabitants struggle on a daily basis to make a living.


In one way or the other we all are tired and keep looking at ways to beat the daily stress which comes in front of us in the form of projects, daily targets, team huddles, productivity, and so on. I mean the list is never ending. After a dose of heavy workload, you need to chill out and I am not suggesting here that you drink.

So, what do we do?

Usually, we indulge in partying, movies or bowling which are expensive activities and might not be an effective stress buster. Another big idea on every Delhite’s mind is to head for the hills (Himachal Pradesh) in summers and Rajasthan in the winters.

But what does one do, if there is no time for a week end trip? How do you beat the stress?

Delhi offers some amazing hangout places worth visiting and one such place is the Qutub Institutional area in South Delhi.

In my opinion, the best stress buster is 30 minutes at the Karmapa Monastery. Here you have a very pleasant crowd of monks and European students attending mediation classes. It gives you an insight into simplicity. A few minutes inside the beautiful monastery will relax you completely. There is no entrance charge, no rudeness, no complication, and no long queues.

There are white pigeons quietly feeding at the entrance. The walls around the monastery have simple rooms for the travellers. The building is grand with a lot of designs. With a simple request you can click pictures all around and inside the monastery.
There is a big meditation room, a huge golden Buddha statue, pictures of holy Lamas from Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.
If you are a foodie, the Monastery canteen offers mouth watering cakes and shakes.

Once you decide to come out of the monastery, there are small dhabas, the most happening one being the Laxman Dhaba. Laxman Dhaba offers Indian, Chinese, and other fast food items. It is a big hit with both the travellers and the students in the area. A big poster of Ranbir Kapoor enjoying a parantha at the time of the release of his movie Rockstar is a proud possession.

According to the students, the best dishes are Gobhi  paranthas, chicken noodles, macroni and fried rice. All curries, vegetables, rotis are other delicious items are part of the menu. Families in their cars often drive in to enjoy their lunch followed by some ice cream.

The place is clean and very green compared to the other parts of Delhi. There is a little known forest known as Sanjay Van which boasts of a ten square km area, a small lake, animals and birds such as the Nilgai (Asian Antelope) and peacock.

You can take some time out to stroll in the Sanjay Van which is pleasant during the winters.


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