Saket District Centre

Select City Walk – A happening place for people of all age groups. Whether you stay in Delhi or you are here for a few days; Select City Walk is a yes for everyone. Usually when you are in a new city, you waste a lot of time due to lack of information about the place you are visiting and with limited time available you end up missing out things which could be of your interest.

If you are thinking that you know the Saket District Centre well, ask yourself the following:

  • Do I know the best way to avoid long queues at the entry of each mall?
  • Do I know the top bars & restaurants around?
  • Do I feel lazy to check out the place because it is in the adjoining mall?
  • Have I stumbled upon a new coffee shop or eating joint while moving around?
  • Do I know how to save on parking?

If you have begun to think reading these questions, go ahead and read more.

This short write-up is to help you save your time, ensure you know exactly where to go and see everything you want to. The Saket District Centre is a conglomerate of malls and hotels. The Metropolitan Mall, Select City Walk, DLF Place are all adjacent to each other with Hilton garden Inn overlooking in the background.

Saket District Centre

 The most famous out of all is the Select City Walk. This is mainly because of the following reasons:

  1. Location – The Select City Walk came into existence before the other malls and is located right at the entry point of the three malls.
  2. The size – Select City Walk is bigger than the other malls in the Saket District Centre.
  3. PVR – The PVR Cinemas is an attraction for movie lovers.
    For making your movie experience grand, choose the Gold Class which provides lie flat sofa seats and enhanced customer service with access to the Gold Class lounge. (Of course there is an extra charge)
  4. Abundant coffee shops, restaurants, shopping arcade with plenty of International brands, a big food court and so on.


DLF Place

Came into existence after the Select City Walk; however it soon gained popularity because of the huge demand for entertainment by an entertainment hungry population mix of travelers and locals. The DLF Place is built on a concept similar to that of Select City Walk. Access to Select City Walk is through the Mocha Coffee on the first floor.

Main attractions:

  1. DT Cinemas – DT Cinemas is DLF Place’s answer to Select City Walk’s PVR cinemas. The rates are more competitive compared to the PVR Cinemas. The movie hall is smaller therefore the view from the front rows is better than from PVR.
    There is no Gold Class unlike the rivals PVR Cinemas.
    If you are a Coke lover then choose DT Cinemas as they serve Coke compared to the PVR Cinemas which serves Pepsi.
  1. Hard Rock Café
  2. TGI Fridays
  3. Costa Coffee
  4. Food Court

Hard Rock Cafe DT Cinemas

Metropolitan Mall

The least known out of the three malls; in fact I didn’t even notice it and thought it was part of the Select City Walk until recently. Here is some interesting information about the Metropolitan mall. You can either make the entry from the front or if you are already strolling the Select City Walk, then go into the Croma store on the first floor and find the passage to the Metropolitan mall. This place has a liquor store with a big base of women customers.

Liquor shop at MGF Metropolitan

Main attractions:

  1. Party places such as Buzz
  2. Berco’s
  3. Ice – Ice is an innovative concept where everything happens at sub zero temperature. The guests need not worry about getting cold as red coat is available at the Ice lounge.
  4. Lighthouse 13.
  5. Massage parlors.

MGF MetropolitanIce Lounge

Let us now take a sample tour to make thinks clear

Reaching there

The Saket District Centre (South Delhi) – Nearest metro station is Malviya Nagar – An auto rickshaw ride costs Rs30.

Driving in your car – It is advisable to park the car in the DLF Place parking area. (Parking Charges – Parking your car out in the open is least expensive (Rs20), followed by DLF Place and lastly Select City Walk)
When you park the car in DLF Place, you get to cover the malls one by one rather than going back and forth.

Moving around

As you come up the escalator after parking your car, the first view is of the Costa Coffee.

Costa Coffee

Quick bite

If you don’t want to get into the hassle of pushing yourself through the crowd in the food court and just want to grab something quickly – Try the Dunkin Donuts (They have a big area to accommodate a large number of customers.

After you are done with the DLF Place, there are two ways to proceed to the Select City Walk. The first is on the ground floor but be prepared to stand in a long queue, otherwise be smart and go the Mocha’s on the first floor and outside the food court make your entry to the Select city Walk; easy.

Access Point – Mocha’s

Now that you are in the Select City Walk – Stroll by the usual exhibition of art, photography or something similar.

Select City Walk

After you are done with the Select City Walk – Move to the Croma store for getting the access to the Metropolitan mall.

Access Point – Croma store

I am sure you can get back on your own.

Helpful Tips:

  • Use access points to avoid the frustration of standing in queues.  Access Points (Mocha’s on 1st floor of DLF Place – Entry to Select City Walk – Croma store on 1st floor of the Select City Walk – Entry to Metropolitan mall.
  • ATM – Citibank ATM is installed on the 1st floor of Select City Walk, outside the croma store.
  • Park your car in the parking area of DLF Place.
  • Citybank credit card holders can avail free parking benefits.
  • First Citizen card holders can also avail free parking.


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