A beautiful Gurgaon morning!

Mornings don’t feel like mornings in the baking hot Summer season. Getting up at 7AM is not good enough to feel the freshness of Gurgaon mornings. It’s so hot during the day that we don’t get out from the comfort of air conditioners, be it office or home. There is an envelope of helplessness that won’t let us go out.


Morning experience:
So one of these mornings, I got up at 5 and boy what a sight it was. The Sun God was shining from behind the concrete towers of the millennium city. Trust me, this is the only time in this weather that you can come out and still feel alive. A lot of people can be seen on the roads and parks burning their fat jogging & cycling. A few things which can help you kick start your day are as follows:
– Yoga or stretching exercises.
– Surya Namaskar (Feel the positivity of the Sun)
– A hot cup of tea (You can’t enjoy tea during the afternoon as much as in the morning time)


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