Bike taxis in Gurgaon


O ho! So my 3 years old Polo won’t start because the battery is finally worn out. This happened last night while on an evening snack outing. My two friends kept panting for long after a successful “Dhakka Start”.
I left for office in an auto and it was for returning home that I thought of taking a ride back on a bike using the Uber App. I must say that it was pretty good.

The experience:
Booking a bike ride is as easy as booking a taxi on the app. The rider calls to confirm the ride, hands over a shower cap to keep your hair in place & hygiene. The yellow helmets are a must for safety. The rider doesn’t go beyond the speed of 50Kmph and drives cautiously. The charge is a nominal Rs.50 for 7 Kms.

Interesting facts:
Many app users book the ride and cancel it for fun. In these cases the riders do not get paid anything from the aggregator. (Let us not do that)
Many users provide incorrect destination and ask to be given a ride from Gurgaon to Noida. (Service is active withing Gurgaon only)
Women constitute a good percentage of bike ride customers.
The aggregator guarantees a minimum amount to the bike riders for a fixed number of trips.
These rides are currently popular in Gurgaon.
Many riders travel from Delhi to Gurgaon to make a living riding their bikes.

Bike ride is a cheap yet good way of commuting in the city of Gurgaon.


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