Good Earth City Centre Mall, Sohna

I was driving towards Sohna and it was while taking a short cut that my eyes saw a tall building with bright lights. It looked like a market, a nice one which hadn’t caught my attention till now. It was probably the night time that made the place look attractive.


I was there the following weekend. This was the Good Earth City Centre Mall.

The Good Earth City Centre Mall is an upcoming Mall which is still not completely operational. Let us be clear, it is not even close to the likes of Ambience and other Malls in Gurgaon. The parking is a reasonable Rs.20. If the space permits you can also park the car outside. The road outside the mall is dusty though. There are a few eateries and cafes such as Yo China, Beer Cafe, Sam’s Pitstop, NewYork Slice, Om Sweets, Ancient Barbeque and a few more. The Hotel Formule 1 overlooks the Mall on one side. A gymnasium on the top floor also attracts some health conscious folks.

The first floor is alright but the second floor is still waiting to see some action. The Ancient Barbeque is similar to Barbeque Nation & Pirates of the Grill but not as good as the former. The best option for a date or family outing remains Yo China which has a nice fresh welcoming fragrance.


While leaving you can try the chocolate rum Pan at the Green Leaf Pan shop on the ground floor. Until next time, Chow!


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