Places to Eat in Gurgaon

The dosa stall Gurgaon

It’s quite chilly in January and who likes to be in the kitchen cooking, at least not every day. Its night time and before I go to bed, I’ll share my evening experience at the dosa stall. I came out with my Tamil roommate to Vyapar Kendra in Sushant Lok , C Block for some hot Sambar & Dosa. Today I wanted Ranjith to test and approve the taste of this stall, after all an approval from down South is required. I have been here many times with different friends and each time the experience of eating makes me overeat. “One look at my belly and the thought of jogging in the morning creeps in”. Hey let us not deviate.

Dosa @ Gurgaon Dosa @ Gurgaon Dosa @ Gurgaon

In one corner of the market, a small South Indian stall has emerged as a great halt for a quick snack especially in winters. The stall (South Indian Delite Food) “don’t mind the spelling” is run by a group of friends. Parmod, hailing from Bihar learnt cooking at JNU. These boys have done a good job in learning the art of South Indian cooking.

They serve Idli, Vada (Medhu & Dal) dipped in hot sambar with chutney, and variety of dosas. The sambar has the right ingredients to tickle your taste buds.

Dosa @ Gurgaon Chai (Tea) @ Gurgaon

Although everything served is good, but my favourite is the onion masala dosa with lots of coconut & red chutney. A big steel vessel full of sambar is consumed in no time every day. The food is always fresh as it is prepared time and again after every few hours. The crowd includes everyone from office goers to families.

Also try the cardamom tea at the adjacent stall which is prepared on charcoal for Eight rupees.

Best Bengali Food/Fish

Five years ago, from a small rehri (stall) to a take away and then to a dining restaurant in Supermart DLF phase 4, the taste of Bengali fish has got Ki Hangla quite far. We didn’t get to meet the owner Ms. Aparajita Dutt but a very courteous staff narrated the story of the Bangla joint.

As we walked into the restaurant, the sound of light Bangla music filled the air. It’s a cute little place, clean & hygienic with a nice Bangla theme.

Bangla Food @ Gurgaon Bangla Food @ GurgaonBangla Food @ Gurgaon Bangla Food @ Gurgaon Bangla Food @ Gurgaon

My friend asked the staff “what is your speciality” to which he got a reply “Dhakai Fish, Bhetki Sorshe, Fish fry, and Chingri Malai curry”. That was the staff, if I were to give my opinion, it is Bhetki Sorshe. This tender fish served in mustard gravy has no fish smell and melts in your mouth, perfec to eat with steamed rice. We also ordered some fish fry which is better without the common green chutney that is served along. The main fish used in the preparation of most of the dishes is the Bhetki. Another thing I liked was the customer service. As soon as my glass was empty, a young man walked upto the table and poured some more water. It is so basic but many other restaurants have failed this test miserably in the past.

I did get some pictures for you all to see. Pop in sometime as it tastes better than ordering food at home.

Best Biryani in Gurgaon

Feel like having a Biryani, close your eyes and order the best Biryani in Gurgaon, mutton, chicken, or vegetarian, whatever, It is simply awesome. This place can easily be termed as neighbour’s envy as we saw the neighbours ‘Deewani Handi’ with no customers compared to Biryani blues where we didn’t get a table empty.

Have it once and you will come back for sure

The restaurant is small and packed. It was an instant hit on the very day when I first ordered the Biryani. With a limited menu, the choices are easy to make. Their desert ‘Double Ka Meetha’ which is (Shahi Tukra or bread pudding) is my favourite.

Biryani Blues @ Gurgaon

Didn’t get to dine here, but the delivery is quick and works fine. I remember my order was once delayed. I received an apology call and a complimentary meal the next day. Ten on ten for the customer service

Roadside eateries Gurgaon

It’s been more than two years since I visited this small, not very known area in sector 56 of Gurgaon. I am not referring to the HUDA market. This place is behind Rail Vihar (no specific name) and offers a few roadside takeaways. It appears to be an alright place with a decent crowd. The scene two years back was totally different; it then wore a deserted and dark look. Some neighbourhood guys were the only clientele this place saw. Recently there has been a lot of activity here. Let us see what.

What can you expect from this place?

There are six to seven takeaways offering customers to park their cars in the front of these joints and enjoy snacks and main course. A few chairs and tables for dining don’t restrict the people from enjoying food in their cars. There is a theka nearby, should you wish to have a pint of beer along. There is hardly any difference between these eateries as all of them serve the same type of food. The dishes seem to be slightly overpriced aswell.

A quick review of the place

  • Urban Dhaba – Enjoys the advantage of a big parking area. Service is lousy.
  • Pure Bliss – Avoid this one. Although it is the most reasonable joint out of the lot in terms of price but hygiene is a big question mark. Demand paper plates from this guy as I saw the staff feeding the dogs in the steel plates.
  • Kathi Rolls, 56th street, Chawlas, Calcutta’s Chef are ok.

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