Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of dreams is clearly one of the top attractions in Gurgaon. A mega launch in 2010 and inauguration by the Chief Minister gave birth to the land of entertainment and culture in the city. It created quite a buzz when it started. A huge marketing effort by the industry professionals roped in Bollywood celebrities Sharukh Khan, Hussain Kuwajerwala, Gauhar Khan and many more.

Managed by the Great Indian Nautanki Company, Kingdom of Dreams also known as KOD show cases two main features.

  1. Culture Gully
  2. Zangoora – The Gypsy Prince & Jhumroo – A musical comedy

In this article, I am sharing an experience of my visit, an experience of the events of my tour in sequence, supported by quality pictures clicked on the way and a short video.

A lot of people in Delhi and Gurgaon haven’t seen the place. It is because of the usual perception. I also thought “how great can this culture gully be or what is new in it”? Secondly, a stage show doesn’t interest many of us. We haven’t gone beyond the Friday blockbuster movies.

Kingdom of Dreams is a good place to hang out with friends and family. If you are a tourist, “don’t miss it”.

It is located in sector – 29, near Leisure valley. One can catch the metro, reach the last station Huda city centre in Gurgaon and then a rickshaw ride to this awesome place. It is great if you have a car as there is a big parking area offering free parking as of today.


At Kingdom of Dreams, the crowd is a mix of tourists and city people. We headed straight to the tickets counter, only to find out that the show tickets were not available. “OK we will see the culture gully” I said facing the ticket counter. The giant reverse bungee ride on the other side attracted the gaze of many visitors. The tickets are sold for reverse bungee, the two shows and the culture gully.

Alright, let me describe the view from the inside. It was a pleasant surprise, like an evening full of lights and lovely weather. No matter how hot the day is, it is always an evening inside. The most amazing thing, in my personal opinion is the ceiling which is a blue sky, held by strong unseen hooks. There are no pillars to hold the ceiling, just these hooks. It gives a super cool and clear view of the little kingdom. There is so much of glitter; an old truck decorated with lights, big posters of hit movies from the 70’s, plenty of shops, restaurants, cuisines. Everything seems so nice.₹499 on a week day and ₹599 on weekends, the culture gully is worth every Rupee spent. This is not just an entry fee but cover charges which can be spent on anything inside the culture gully. Outside the entry, we spotted a camel and some folk artists. There was also a live rock concert happening here.

One can easily spend hours inside the culture gully. We made our entry into the famous Madras Cafe on the first floor (left side from the entry side) and paid a nominal ₹ 230 for three coffees and ribbon namkeen snack. The filter coffee was great not only because of the taste but also because of the ambience. We then moved out, admiring the variety and intricate shining designs which are unique in every shop.

First view, Kingdom of DreamsKingdom of DreamsCultural Dance5 D Horror Show

Take a few moments to step on the bridge and see the sky ceiling. It is a pretty view on both sides of the bridge as well.

You can drink, eat, shop, and get yourself clicked with the artists performing in the culture gully around you. We were lucky to get clicked with an African artist after a group dance. I was also able to capture the acts of the Joker who keeps amusing the kids and people, singing songs and jumping all over. I saw Charlie Chaplin on a number of occasions however missed out on clicking a snap of him.

You will see the Mumbai train station here. You will also see the Chennai temple, Uttar Pradesh Qawali. Puppet show, massage parlor, tea stalls. There are astrologers and palm readers on the first floor (Right side from the entry)

All at one place ‘the Kingdom of Dreams’.

Culture GullyCulture GullyCulture GullyPan Shop, Kingdom of Dreams

It was time for a heavy meal so after snooping around the food, we zeroed on the Hyderabad stall. Next on the list was the 5D horror show which lasts for 5-8 minutes and is real fun. It is the first horror show, I saw laughing. A maximum of eight people can see the show in one go. 3D glasses are provided for the 3D effect. The remaining 2D effect is felt by moving chairs and sprinkling water. On the screen you see a race car moving through treacherous, bumpy track. The ride is an absolute joy for children and adults as both keep screaming. Once the show is over we walked out with slightly wet clothes.

The show costs ₹ 149 per head.

We could have spent more time but the evening had to end. We went to the Pan shop and made our way out.

The Shows

You need to be here another day because Culture gully alone consumes the entire day. Both Zangoora & Zhumroo are wonderful in their own way. It is interesting to see the morale of the artists who perform the same show daily with great enthusiasm. The superb lighting and special effects makes the spectacle a world class show.

Kishore Kumar fans are in for a treat as Jhumroo pays its melodious tribute to the great singer.

Tickets must be booked in advance online to get the tickets priced low. If you reach the KOD and buy tickets, be prepared to shell out more.

  • There are wash rooms on both the ground and first floor. (Left side of the entry)
  • Refer to the floor plan for moving around the place.
  • Payments can be made using the smart card. Credit cards are also acceptable.
  • Recharge and refund counters are available at the centre of culture gully and also Kashmir, Sikkim, Kerala retail shops.
  • Reverse bungee is operational on Saturday and Sunday only.
  • Ticket prices for Zangoora & Jhumroo are ₹699 to ₹3499 on week days and ₹999 to ₹4999 on weekends.
  • The KOD is closed on Monday
  • Promotional offer includes the ticket for half the price on the second visit.
  • Free crèche is available.
  • Purple card members can get a free entry by maintaining a minimum balance of ₹299

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