Best Shawarma in town

I am bunking yet another class with my friends getting away from the boring lecture & this time we are going to the Lebanese Point near PVR cinemas in the Saket complex. This place used to be the most happening place in Saket before the malls like Select City Walk happened. Well! It is still good. The glitter and the crowd in the market place is a proof of how interesting the place is for the city people.

This is a typical market with a cinema hall, restaurants, and shopping stores. I noticed a lot of momo wallahs clearly indicating the craze for the dish among the foodies. But the take away Shawarma stall better known as the “Lebanese Point” is the finest stall for a Shawarma roll, beating the famous Al Bake and the likes of it.

Many consider this Shawarma to be the best in town. There is a constant fire in the grill, cooking the chicken at all times. Costs ₹110, served in pita bread with hummus and tastes better than any other Shawarma you have had before. Other items on the menu are Falafil roll, Chicken platter, etc.

Clientele – The stall is never empty; everyone from families to young boys & girls, even foreigners prefer to stop by for a bite of the Lebanese Shawarma.

They have other food items on the menu, but what sells like hot cakes and made the Lebanese Point a very famous eating place is its Shawarma. Depaul’s Coffee is available a few shops away. Everyone in the area knows about the Depaul’s cold coffee. I have tried it a few times before and it was just ok, today I maintain it is still ok, as there are better coffees available at other places.

When to go?

Anytime you want but the place can be best enjoyed when it is slightly windy or cold.

Some other stuff:

The other places in the area are Explode, which, once upon a time used to be a rocking night club, a Cinema hall, which once sold tickets for ₹7 leading to a long queue of people for the cheapest movie ticket. They have some stalls of pirated books for something like ₹50 – ₹100.

You can see excited kids taking the wheels of battery operated toy cars and their equally excited parents in front of the Cinema hall. Then you have paan wala on the left side of the front of the same Cinema hall. He has a variety of paans to offer, I tried the mint (ghunti paan) which is good and cool for summers.

After the opening of other malls in the area, many restaurants and big stores packed their bags for other locations. Although some common ones like Barista, Mc Donald’s, Yo China, still exist. There is also a very popular 24/7 store in the area, which does good business at night. Youngsters staying up late or partying come here at night to grab some chips, drinks, packed food.


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