6 places for delicious dimsums in Gurgaon

Chinese food has become extremely famous in metro cities such as Delhi NCR. After noodles & chowmein titillated our taste buds,(Dimsums/Momos) has continued the trend. The awesomeness of these round dumplings has made everyone stop by for a bite of steamy hot dumplings, more commonly known as Momos. It is really the same thing as Momos is the Tibetean name for the Chinese Dimsums.

We love these Dimsums or Momos or Dumplings or whatever you want to refer them as, but we must also know that the road side ones are full of Ajinomoto (Carcinogen) which is a taste enhancer; therefore, it is best to feast on the delicious Dimsums at the right place. I have tasted these at around hundred places in Gurgaon before preparing a short list of 6 restaurants for you.

  1. Dimsum Bros – Located in the Ambience Mall’s third floor, Dimsum Bros offers a dim light ambience with complimentary sweet & salt peanuts. They have a good variety of Classic, Chinese, and Vinegar Dimsums for vegetarian eaters. If you are a non-vegetarian there is chicken, lamb, pork for variery. The buffet offers unlimited Dimsums of choice along with small portion of main course.

Helpful tips:

  • Other than Dimsums, you can also try Chimichanga roll. (This is a thin fried wrap covering cheese).
  • Buffet is a good option for heavy eaters.
  • Service at Dimsum Bros is slow during off peak hours highlighting a casual approach.
  • Two different chutneys are available along with Dimsums.
  1. Pikniks – Located in Sushant Lok’s posh Galleria Market, Pikniks is a small, cute takeaway joint. The Dimsums here are pricey but tasty. The hot dimsums are available with red chutney. The taste and softness of the dumplings or momos can be best enjoyed sitting near the water fountain at the centre of the Galleria market. Pikniks is very popular with the residents of Sushant Lok. You can also leave a feedback comment on their display board.IMG_20160214_204018
  1. Dimsum Democracy – This one is a food truck parked in Sector-56 of Gurgaon’s Huda Market. Dimsum Democracy has a nice variety and is fast becoming popular with the Market visitors. Be careful of these cute looking dumplings as they are super-chilly. The steamed dumplings are soft but the other variations such as fried ones are a bit different. The hosts are friendly but the service can be a bit slow on occasions. You can also try their Ginger Ale and Masala lemon drinks and also order food in your car.
  2. Yo China (Sector-29) – Yo China is the first of its kind to leave a lasting impression on those who could only imagine the greatness and immensity of an authentic Chinese dinner. As the only eatery to have introduced the best from the world of Chinese dumplings, it is now touted as a well-established Chinese brand in the Indian sub-continent. In addition to promoting the superb quality of local ingredients from China, you will find consistency in taste and service at all its outlets.
  1. Asia Seven – Located on the third floor of Ambience Mall, Asia Seven offers soft dumplings with two chutneys; ginger garlic & black pepper. The Dimsums here are soft & non-spicy, the chutney is a bit sweet. You can go here only if you like experimenting with your food as the taste is different from the regular balls of maida. You can order a basket with all variations of the dumplings for pleasing your taste buds.
  2. Kitchens of Asia – A place for Japanese food lovers, but also provides nice, delicious, yummy, soft Dimsums. Check it out yourself atDLF Cyberhub, Gurgaon.








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